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How to Grill Brats Perfectly Every Time

For minimal-effort grilling with high rewards, brats should be your go-to. Bratwurst, also known as brats, is a sausage hailing from Germany and traditionally made with pork and veal, although all-beef ones or a combination can also be found at supermarkets. A variety of spices give brats their desirable flavor and often include ginger, nutmeg, lovage, marjoram, coriander, or caraway. Brats are generally sold fresh, but are also available pre-cooked and come cured or uncured, and smoked or unsmoked.

Turmeric Golden Paste: 23 Benefits for a Healthier Life

Golden turmeric powder is a popular natural remedy for inflammatory conditions like arthritis, muscle soreness, and lower back pain. Its curcumin compound has strong antioxidant properties and is often recommended for improving cardiovascular conditions. There are many lesser-known, yet equally impressive benefits of turmeric though and the best of them are covered ahead. There’s also a far more effective way to take it — by mixing powdered turmeric, black pepper, and a healthy oil into a paste.

All You Need to Know About Bison Meat

Bison is one of over 100 species of hoofed mammals belonging to the Bovidae family, which also includes cattle. While often grouped with buffalo, their anatomical features slightly differ. Historically, bison has been the second most popular type of red meat, with beef being number one. Today, the demand for bison meat is growing due to increased marketing efforts, its widespread availability, and favorable nutritional profile. This article reviews bison’s nutritional profile, benefits, and drawbacks and compares it with beef.