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Pastured Chicken & Poultry

Enjoy fresh, delicious pasture-raised chicken that is rotated each day to regeneratively managed healthy grasses.

Poulet Rouge Whole Heritage Chicken

Pack of 2 | 3lb avg. whole chicken

Pintade Fermiere Whole Guinea Hen

Pack of 2 | 2.5lb avg. whole chicken

Whole Chicken

3lb avg. / whole chicken

Pastured Chicken Leg Quarters

2 lb. avg./pkg. Pack of 2 leg quarters

Chicken Tenderloins

0.60 - 1.10 lbs / package

Chicken Breast

0.85 - 1.35 lb / Package

Unfortunately, there are many providers out there who don’t care about their livestock or the quality of meat. Ferguson Farms is the one you can depend on to bring wholesome, delicious food to the table. Our chickens live happy lives on open pastures. We never use GMOs, antibiotics, or any other kind of drug. With our online ordering system, getting quality poultry is easier than ever before. Simply create an account and browse our vast selection. You can choose to pick your order up at curbside pick-up locations or have it shipped/delivered right to your home. Our options are perfect for any meal you might have in mind. If you want a dependable source of poultry, try Ferguson Farms today!