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100% Grass-fed Lamb

Whether looking for a special occasion dinner for two or a way to impress at your next social affair, succulent lamb meat is sure to please with every bite. When looking to buy lamb products online the matter of quality is of the utmost importance.

Our American Lamb is pastured on rich grasslands and finished with high-quality grains. Naturally well-marbled and richly flavored. Ferguson Farms carefully sources Australian Lamb from select producers and processors on the east coast of Australia. Our Australian Lamb is 100% free range and pasture-raised, grazing on an all-natural diet of mixed grasses that enhance their sweet and mild flavor. Ferguson Farms focuses on sourcing only first and second-cross lamb, breeds that are intended for meat consumption and genetically inclined to produce full-muscled cuts. For its wellness-focused customers, Ferguson Farms offers Australian Lamb that is 100% Grass Fed and USDA Organic.