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Are the products seasonal, or available all year round?

After a bit of trial and error, we’ve finally established proper herd/flock and inventory management so that our products can be available for purchase year-round. When you see an item listed as, “Out of Stock” this is most likely a temporary shortage and the item should be available again within a week or two. The only exception to this is our Lamb products, which are sourced seasonally and usually return in the fall and winter. 

Are Ferguson Farms products certified organic?

While our farm is not technically "certified" organic by the USDA, we do adhere to organic farming principles and practices. Some of our practices go beyond "organic" standards, like requiring that most of our ruminant animal products are 100% grass-fed and produced without grain or grain by-products.At the end of the day, we would encourage you to put your trust in our family farm rather than in a USDA stamp that relies on costly inspections and government regulators. To get a better idea about our farming practices, here're a few claims we make that are verified by our customers:100% Grass-Fed protocol for ruminant animals.GMO-free products and GMO-free feed for non-ruminants.No hormones, steroids, or antibioticsMSG/Nitrate freeAnd moreWe believe that the very best form of producer-to-consumer accountability and transparency exists when consumers take an active responsibility to develop a connection and relationship with the farmer who produces their food!