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Are your animals 100% Grass-fed and finished?

The answer to this question will depend on the animal species in question, thus I've outlined the details for each below.BEEF• 100% Grass-fed and finished | Our cattle are raised outdoors in the open pasture, consuming a strict 100% forage diet. These animals will not consume any grains in their lifetime• No antibiotics or Growth Hormones | It is our goal to keep your meat as 'Weird-Free' as possible.• No GMOs | These animals consume grasses and hay that has not been genetically modified, nor sprayed with any chemicals. POULTRY• Pasture-Raised | As the season permits, our chickens are moved to fresh green pasture each and every day and are given access to non- GMO grain rations (corn & soy), as these birds are not ruminant animals.• No antibiotics or Growth Hormones• No GMOs | All forages and feed rations are completely GMO-free.