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Where can I found nutritional information for your products?

At this time, we do not collect nutritional information because of the added cost associated. Also, there are many added variables with meat products that make it almost impossible to acquire accurate information for every pound of meat.Like many other suppliers, we could display nutritional information from the average conventionally raised animal in order to avoid the very costly fees to test our own. However, this information certainly wouldn't be accurate and still would add additional cost in labor and packaging. However, if you're still interested in this information, it can easily be accessed here.Ultimately, we'd never want to forward any cost onto the price of our product that doesn't bring accurate value to our customers.

When will my card be charged?

Because there's a weight variance between similar cuts of meat, we're unable to charge your card until your entire order has been packed and weighed. Orders are packed either one or two days before your delivery date.Charging your card after your order is packed ensures that you will be charged for the exact weight of each item you receive. You can expect to receive an email with a detailed receipt confirming your payment. 

How will my order be packaged?

HOME DELIVERY | If you're shipping the order to your home, it will come packaged in a corrugated box(s) with an insulated liner and dry-ice to ensure everything is kept at safe temperatures during transit. We work hard to minimize the amount of packaging we ship.The amount of dry ice is carefully calculated and it is not unusual for it to be completely dissipated by the time the order arrives.Click here for dry-ice handling instructions.