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Meet Our Farm Partners

Each farm that we partner with must already meet the standards we practice for the compassionate and ethical care of their livestock while maintaining our strict 100% grass-fed beef & pasture-raised production standards. 

This means cattle that are never fed grain or grain by-products and never fed antibiotics, drugs, or artificial hormones. Poultry must maintain the same standards while being fed grain diets consisting of only Non-GMO feeds. 

  • Ancestral Nutrition

    Ancestral Nutrition
  • Bearded Jerky

    Bearded Jerky

    Two brothers started Bearded jerky back in 2017 because of deeply rooted family traditions and their love for high-quality goods. they wanted to make a bigger impact in their community and country, so they made the decision to focus all Their efforts on feeding those less fortunate. This decision would change the course of what Bearded jerky would become. Today, it's The sole mission of the company to donate 1,000,000 bags of jerky to various different causes throughout the nation. We are so grateful for everyone who supports this mission!

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  • Broadleaf Specialty & Game Meats

    Broadleaf Specialty & Game Meats

    Established in 1988, Broadleaf entered the US Market as a master importer and distributor of New Zealand Game Meats, primarily venison. Over the years, Broadleaf expanded its product line to meet the demands of our clients and customers. Today, we have an extensive line of the finest specialty meats and remain highly committed to quality and service. Broadleaf sources products on a domestic and international level. Our staff prides itself on working closely with the finest farmers to ensure the products we carry meet the highest standard and will pass the review of the most discerning chef.

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  • Brooklyn Biltong

    Brooklyn Biltong

    Brooklyn Biltong is founded on two goals: to introduce biltong to America, and make a difference in our neighborhood while doing so.

    Biltong is more than a snack; it’s a substantial, sugar-free, artificial preservative-free, protein. Too many protein snacks are made with fillers and junk. We want the American consumer to have a healthy jerky option, but we also care about those who depend on the generosity of others for their next meal. Unfortunately, fresh items don’t tend to find their way to the homeless very often. Our heart is with them.

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    We use the highest-quality, sustainably-sourced protein with no added sugar and no harmful ingredients to deliver meat snacks that taste delicious and offer the fuel you need any time of the day

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  • Evolved Snack Sticks

    We couldn't live without meat snacks. And when meat snacks like ours are made with a couple of very special, secrete ingredients, they become so much more than just a snack - and yeah, we're not afraid to say it... Love and Thoughtfulness are the two secret ingredients that truly separate our meat snacks from all others (and also that they are truly so much more delicious than all other meat snacks ; )

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  • Fatworks


    Here's a fun fact...Prior to Fatworks arrival on the scene, there was not a single USDA Pasture-Raised Lard, Tallow, or Poultry Fat being made and sold on the national level. The world was caught in the grip of a massive wave of Fat-phobia. As early adopters of both the Keto and Paleo lifestyles and took it upon ourselves to, "Bring back the fat." In fact, Fatworks was founded on the principle that NOT all fat was created equal. We like to say, "Friends don't let friends eat industrialized seed oils". Not only does the science say that cooking with REAL fats is better for you, using animal fat as cooking oil or shortening opens up a whole new world of delicious culinary possibilities. Fatworks has always insisted on sourcing from small family farmers who share our values of Organic, Pasture Raising, regenerative and sustainable farming. Our fats are artisanally rendered in small batches and packed in glass to provide natural shelf stability. Our mission is to make the finest fats "inside and out" meaning Fatworks products are used for cooking, as well as for use as skincare! In addition to our category creating jars, we offer our products in bulk sizes. As of 2020, we have been crafting a delicious line of collagen-rich Duck Bone Broth which have received great reviews. We are continually updating our line with exciting and unique products so check back periodically to see what fun fats we have to offer you. Let's get your customers cooking with Fattitude!

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  • Ferguson Farms

    Ferguson Farms

    We are a family farm in Plant City FL living our belief that good, healthy, local food should be available to all. Our mission is to glorify God by helping busy, informed consumers gain access to safe and ethical foods they can eat with confidence. Our goal is to provide the peace of mind that comes from having a direct relationship with a farmer you can know and trust.

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  • Fort McCoy Ranch

    Fort McCoy Ranch

    We believe in letting our animals grow at their natural rate, eating only all-natural foods. With no added growth hormones, no antibiotics and no animal by-products.


    We go to great lengths to ensure that our animals are raised and treated with respect and dignity. Our animals are born, raised and harvested on the same ranch. They are free to roam year-round and eat all-natural, strictly vegetarian diets.


    We utilize state-of-the-art processing facilities located on the ranch where our animals are raised to avoid having to transport them long distances. By working with animal welfare advocates, we designed the facilities to ensure a high level of care and the least amount of stress to the animals as possible. Our facilities are among the best in the US, with strict food and safety protocols, USDA-inspectors on-site, and highly trained and knowledgeable staff.

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  • Hen of the Woods

    Hen of the Woods

    Weird name, right? Even weirder when you find out we don’t sell chicken feed, forestry services, or even mushrooms.

    So if it’s not a product or even an ingredient, just what the heck is it?

    Hen of the Woods is an attitude — a tireless belief that there has got to be a better way.

    It all started with a salad, and three Cincinnati chefs who were absolutely convinced that there had to be a better way to make gluten-free croutons. Countless trials later we found it, and our Red Wine Vinegar potato chips born. That better crouton became a runaway hit, and grew into a complete line of full-flavor, better-than-the-other-guys potato chips that we sold to like-minded food lovers, restaurants and breweries.

    Surely, we said to ourselves 20,000 conference calls later, there had to be a better way to share our products with people who would really love them — a way to sell them without selling out. So we built our brand market by market, partnering in each region with grocery stores and food retailers who had tried our products and were as excited about them as we are.

    Finally, after long careers in restaurants, we know there has to be a better way for chefs, line cooks and other people who love food to make a living. We started Out of the Woods which is a collection of initiatives and projects where Hen of the Woods partners with leaders and non profit organizations locally, regionally and nationally.


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  • Hunters Reserve

    Hunters Reserve

    Hunter's Reserve is a woman-owned and family-run company with a passion for adventure. We specialize in uber-tasty wild game meat snacks that go anywhere and fuel your life.

    Our mission is to provide the best tasting, highest quality, responsibly sourced wild game meats and meat snacks that are good for you. We never use fillers and always source humanely raised animals.

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  • Joyce Farms

    Joyce Farms

    Our focus is on flavor and the eating experience. We are passionate about helping chefs and home consumers create delicious, memorable meals, using the best-tasting meat and poultry in the world—Joyce Farms Heritage products. In our 50+ years of experience in the food industry and food production, we’ve learned that the path to superior flavor and nutritional quality starts with the genetics of the animals and how they are raised.

    We specialize in unique heritage breed meat and poultry and pioneer a shift to environmentally friendly regenerative farming practices for meat production.

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  • Kettle and Fire

    Kettle and Fire

    Kettle and Fire is a brand that sells high-quality bone broths and soups. With a selection of delicious options, these keto broths are meant for the health-conscious among us that refuse to compromise taste for nutrition.

    To prove it, they only extract broth from cattle and chickens that are raised without antibiotics or hormones, are 100% grass-fed, and grass-finished.

    Kettle and Fire have been featured in notable media sources such as Women’s Health, Men’s Journal, and Business Insider which all stand by the brand’s dedication to high standards when it comes to creating ready-meals.

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  • Kinikin Processing

    Kinikin Processing

    Kinikin Processing LLC has remained true to the vision of founders Zach and Jennifer Prock: helping the community thrive, farmers prosper, connecting markets, and bringing consumers the products they’re seeking. Owners Zach and Jennifer Prock originally began Kinikin Processing, LLC  in 2003. Known for their specialty Elk Jerky and Hunter Snacks Sticks, they gained a reputation as the best place in town for smoked meats, jerkies, and processing.   

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  • Live Pawsitively

    Live Pawsitively

    At LIVE PAWSITIVELY, we believe in feeding pets with natural and unadulterated treats! Priding ourselves on our ethical approach to nutrition, our experts strive to produce the best food any pet could wish for. Moreover, we are committed to helping your pets live the longest and healthiest lives possible.

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  • Lucky Jack

    Lucky Jack

    We carefully source only the finest coffee beans from small farms in Papua New Guinea, Peru and Honduras, where a rare, high-altitude microclimate slows growth and yields hard, dense beans with richer, more nuanced flavor profiles. We believe that you should never have to compromise on what you put in your body. Ensuring that all our ingredients are certified as organic reflects our unwavering dedication to the health of not only our customers, but also to the farmers who grow our coffee.

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  • My Family's Seasonings

    My Family's Seasonings

    For nearly four decades Christine Quinn's holiday tradition always included cooking a prime rib dinner. As a neighborly gesture she gifted her all-natural seasoning blends to her family and friends, which everyone coveted. They all loved it so much, that after years of successful goading, Christine successfully launched My Family's Seasonings (MFS) in 2005. The first product manufactured for retail was the best-selling Prime Rib Seasoning. It was an instant success with local grocery retailers and butcher shops alike. Soon thereafter MFS created a seafood seasoning blend. By 2007 MFS launched an entire product line to include steak, chicken, pork, lamb, hamburger, wild game, and later created a Meatloaf Mix. In 2014, MFS relocated its headquarters to Florida for all U.S. manufacturing and distribution. MFS remains a woman and family-owned and operated business with Ms. Quinn’s daughter, Allison Clay, by her side to partake in the family business. MFS prides itself on only using all natural herbs and spices; no additives, colors, dyes, or caking agents. Preservative-free and contains no MSG or fillers. All products are naturally gluten-free as well, except the Meatloaf Mix (because it contains bread crumbs it is produced in a dedicated facility). Our mission continues to fuel our business: “From our family to yours, we strive to deliver the best all-natural seasonings to make every meal unforgettable.”

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  • Northstar Bison

    Northstar Bison

    "We let bison be bison. They do a very good job of taking care of themselves. We use regenerative methods of resource management which means we don’t analyze the land from the ground up, but rather the ground down; always leaving more than we take. Naturally, this produces nature’s perfect protein. It simply doesn't get better than this." 

    - Marielle Hewitt, Mother & Northstar Bison Land and Livestock Manager

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  • Peacemaker Coffee Company

    Peacemaker Coffee Company

    We are men and women just like you; however, we have answered a call to serve our fellow man as PEACEMAKERS.​

    Law Enforcement, Fire, EMS, Dispatchers, and Armed Forces, But truly anyone can be a Warrior leave our homes knowing that in the performance of our duties we may be called upon to make the ultimate sacrifice. We are cursed, we are spat upon, and yet we keep coming back because we have sworn an oath to do so.

    In recent years it has become fashionable to hate the PEACEMAKER. The sheepdog is only truly appreciated when the wolf is at the door.​

    Peacemaker Coffee Company is dedicated to the men and women serving in this great country of ours and to the men and women who support them. Psalm 144:1

    Your Premium Coffee Provider.​

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  • Plainville Farms

    Plainville Farms

    We’ve been passionate about raising uncommonly great-tasting turkeys for generations. With roots dating back almost two hundred years, our family farmers are committed to the highest standards in animal welfare. We are proud to provide quality poultry, and you’ll feel great feeding your family.


    We raise our poultry on family farms in a stress-free environment, using holistic practices to promote their well-being. Generations of family farming have taught us how to keep poultry healthy without ever having to administer antibiotics. With access to feed and clean water on their own schedules, our flocks never know hunger. They always have plenty of room to roam in comfortable barns.


    We are committed to the highest standards for quality and transparency from farm to fork. We never use antibiotics, added growth hormones or steroids, and all our products are natural or certified organic. We regularly open our gates to third party verification to ensure our quality standards are being upheld.


    Our family farmers care about the environment. We embrace sustainable practices and use renewable resources whenever we can. We are committed to near-zero waste and only source paperboard from well-managed forests that have been certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI).


    Our stringent quality control starts at our family farms and ends at your table. Our quality assurance procedures make sure that every Plainville Farms® product is consistent, and delicious.

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  • Providence Cattle Company

    Providence Cattle Company

    Over 10 years ago the Planz Family started Providence Cattle Company, which is a cow/calf operation in Hillsborough County, to supply whole and half steers to families in the Tampa Bay area.

    When they started their ranch, Joe Planz said, “the beef we raise and the process will have to be the best and healthiest available.” That includes having all of the beef be “never, ever.” The “never, ever” program means that all of the beef has never been subjected to any antibiotics or growth hormones EVER. In addition, the cows and steers would ALWAYS be treated humanely, as God would expect of us.

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  • PS Seasoning

    PS Seasoning

    At PS Seasoning, our craft is flavor. For generations, we've dedicated ourselves to crafting the most memorable flavor profiles and experiences. To us, it's more than just food. No matter what you are creating, we know it will be enjoyed and remembered to the very last bite.

    Our unique flavor profiles are designed to make cooking easy, flavorful, and fun and have been featured on Good Morning America, Fox News, USA Today, and The Kitchen. With profiles that range from On The rocks Bourbon Pepper to Adobo Honey and everything in between, we want everything you eat to be memorable. All of our products are crafted and blended in Iron Ridge, WI. USA, from our family to yours.

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  • Righteous Felon Craft Jerky

    Righteous Felon Craft Jerky

    Righteous Felon Craft Jerky specializes in producing and trafficking high-potency beef jerky made with illegal combinations of unique, all-natural ingredients.

    In today's world, it’s rare to find a product that hasn't been mass-produced in a mega-factory and stepped on with chemical preservatives and low-grade ingredients. RF uses only the highest quality ingredients to marinade our hormone-and-antibiotic-free, pasture-raised, Black Angus beef from the highly acclaimed 44 Farms in Texas and Roseda Beef in Maryland.

    Handmade and produced in small batches to ensure freshness, quality, and consistency for the ultimate tasting experience, Righteous Felon is different – and you’ll know the difference when you tear through your first bag.

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  • Sauce Goddess

    Sauce Goddess

    At Sauce Goddess, we firmly believe in using the best ingredients, with no fillers, in everything we make. We are making real food, using real food ingredients. No junk ingredients.

    First, we use NO flavorings at all in our sauces. If we want a particular flavor in a sauce, it is the real ingredient. We don’t dilute them with extra water or add thickeners, not even xanthan gum. This means our products taste more intense and you actually use less to get the amazing flavor.

    Similarly, we create our spice rubs using all-natural ingredients, which means we don’t add anti-caking agents. (Commonly, silicon dioxide is used for anti-caking, which is sand! Who wants to eat that?) This means our rubs might clump a little if you are in a humid environment. Just loosen up the spices with your hands if you need to before adding them to your recipe.

    Next, we know people want to make informed choices about food and cooking. We spell out key ingredients for dietary and health needs. Potential allergens are listed with each product and clearly on each label picture.

    In a nutshell, you won’t find any MSG, GMO ingredients, or gluten-containing ingredients in anything we make. Our sauces, spices, and dip mixes are certified gluten-free (to Celiac standards), which means they have tested below 5 ppm. Our spices and dry dip mixes are now Kosher.

    Above all, we stand by this: We use real food ingredients. No junk ingredients.

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  • Smart Cookie Barkery

    Smart Cookie Barkery

    It all started with two cancer diagnoses, an obsession for nutrition, and a tricycle... In 2012, Scott and Bri Bradley started Smart Cookie Barkery when their Aussie was diagnosed with lymphoma, and Bri at 24, learned she had breast cancer. Fueled by a newfound obsession for nutrition and functional ingredients, they took their treats, hit the streets, and sold them out of a wooden tricycle, fondly known as the Smart Cookie Cart. 8 years later, Smart Cookie products are in over 450 health-conscious, pet-focused, and specialty retailers. Located in beautiful Golden, Colorado, we are not your average dog treat bakery - our treats are handcrafted from scratch using real ingredients, in a real kitchen by real people. We have a wide variety of treatment options available including functional artisanal biscuits, soft & chewy bite-sized treats, single-ingredient jerky, and more! Smart Cookie is rooted in using pure, simple, and wholesome ingredients which is why we Treat Smarter.

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  • The Bearded Butcher

    The Bearded Butcher

    Avid Outdoorsmen and talented Butchers, Seth & Scott Perkins grew up hunting, harvesting, and butchering all types of wild game, as well as domestic livestock at the family butchering business, leading them on a quest to create a blend of salt & spices that are not only perfect for all types of meat, but just about anything you eat, and why we say "Use it on Everything!"

    Formulated to enhance flavor, while still keeping ingredients "clean", which means free of, MSG, or anti-caking chemicals...

    Bearded Butcher Blend is the perfect choice for you!

    Since starting with our Original Blend in 2012, we've expanded into a total of 7 Spice Blends & 2 Sauces, all of which are sold in retailers across the USA, as well as online all around the world!

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  • Total Health and Fitness

    Total Health and Fitness

    At Total Health and Fitness, we believe the human body was built for high performance. But in the modern world, we often get disconnected from the traditions and nutritional principles that were honored and celebrated throughout history. 

    Our mission is to restore health, strength, and vitality by providing natural remedies, specific diet plans and recipes, key nutrients and foods, and detailed fitness workouts.

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  • Ultimate Paleo Protein

    Ultimate Paleo Protein

    Ultimate Paleo Protein was developed to fill a need for a premium grass-fed protein powder that is hypoallergenic with incredible absorbability. We have added synergistic nutrients in meaningful amounts that assist in recovery and immune support that is suitable for individuals at any age. Our Signature Protein Blend combines a complete protein source from grass fed beef plus the added benefit of collagen peptides. This unique blend also contains high-end grade L- Glutamine. 1 billion CFU of a blend of well studied GanedenBC30 (probiotic) and water soluble MCT powder from coconuts. These nutrients are in meaningful amounts and formulated to achieve Optimal Absorption. Our Ultimate Paleo Protein powder comes in chocolate and vanilla and unflavored. Ultimate Paleo Protein also has developed one of a kind complete protein gummies. They are great protein snacks that are high in prebiotics and fiber. They are fantastic on the go snacks for young to old. We are proud to offer quality protein powders and gummies that are free from gluten, dairy, soy, corn, egg and GMO's and sugar. They are paleo and keto friendly. we never use hormones, artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners in any of our products.

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  • USA Seasonings

    USA Seasonings

    USA Seasonings is an American-made seasoning company. Our custom seasonings are hand-blended in small batches with fresh spices. Steak seasonings, chicken seasonings, seafood seasonings, vegetable seasonings, french fry seasonings & a whole lot more. All made right here in America. Veteran Owned & Operated.

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  • White Horse Coffee

    White Horse Coffee

    White Horse Coffee is committed to organic and environmentally sustainable coffee roasting that provides coffee lovers with a fresh, fun, and flavorful cup of coffee.

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  • Wild Alaska Salmon & Seafood

    Wild Alaska Salmon & Seafood

    The mission of Wild Alaska Salmon & Seafood is to care for and protect the Alaskan wilderness, provide consumers with premium, 100% all-natural wild Alaskan salmon, and continually improve our methods of providing the highest quality wild salmon and seafood products to consumers nationwide.

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