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Can I buy a half or quarter cow?

We do offer bulk beef options for a quarter (70 lbs) and 1/8th cow (35 lbs). We also have smaller options like our Best Butcher Box (14 pounds) that include a variety of beef products. With this, we're able to warehouse large quantities of these bundles, meaning there's virtually no waiting period for your order/cow to be freighted to and from the processor.This also eliminates the need for customers to pay by the hanging weight, as the bundles guarantee the pounds of product included.The only disadvantage to this method is the ability for customers to customize the cuts included in their bundle, as the product has already been pre-assembled. When we offered a custom option in the past, we found that 90% of our customers chose our "recommended cuts" anyhow, so the decision to simplify was clear for us.

Can I be put on a waitlist for a certain item?

At this time, our system is not set up to alert customers when particular items come back into stock. Most items will be back in stock within 2 weeks to a month, although lamb and some other items are seasonal and only come into stock once or twice a year. Our website will be updated as soon as we get items back into stock, so the online store will serve as the most accurate log of what items are available to order.