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Dozen Jumbo Eggs

Dozen Jumbo Eggs

One Dozen

Jumbo eggs are perfect for a variety of recipes. You can use them to make frittatas, giant open-faced sandwiches, or cut cook large-batch recipes. If you have a recipe that calls for whites only, this size is also an excellent choice. The size makes it easier to separate the two components, and it yields more whites.


According to USDA guidelines, jumbo eggs should weigh in at about 30 ounces per dozen. The size is rare to find in grocery stores. The main difference as a result of size is that there is a greater amount of liquid.


At Ferguson Farms, we never mistreat our hens with antibiotics, feeding drugs, or GMO grains. You can taste the difference that ethical farming makes as the quality and taste are incredible.


These Jumbo eggs have been washed and need to be refrigerated once you receive them.