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Dozen Large Eggs

Dozen Large Eggs

One Dozen

Our large eggs here at Ferguson Farms are not only delicious but also responsibly sourced with no GMO feed. Per USDA guidelines, the size yields about 24 ounces per dozen. The large size is the most commonly called for in recipes, making these a staple cooking item.


When you buy from Ferguson Farms, you can get your hands on farm fresh eggs for baking, breakfast, and anything in between. Our eggs are of the highest quality possible. The flavor shines when you make these the star of the dish.


By using them in things like omelets or frittatas, you’ll notice the difference in the rich flavor of these non-GMO eggs. Because we ensure that the chickens on our farm are beyond free-range, you also can enjoy any dish you make guilt-free.


At Ferguson Farms, we have committed to raising our hens without antibiotics, drugs, or GMO grains. The result is a quality and taste simply that you won’t find with big factory farms. Because we eliminate much of the freight and warehousing time spent by conventional laying hen operations, we're able to recommend a six-week shelf life on our Pasture-Raised Eggs.

The eggs we offer are pasture packed, meaning the bloom is left on. This protective layer is a coating on the outside of the egg that the hen leaves. The bloom seals the shell pores, preventing bacteria from getting inside the shell, and reduces moisture loss from the egg--all designed to make the egg last longer.

The bloom is not harmful, and because it is left on, the eggs do not require refrigeration--they can be left out on your countertop or pantry until you are ready to use them. For use, we recommend washing the eggs with lukewarm water only, and once washed, they should be refrigerated. Regardless of whether you leave them out or wash and refrigerate them, they have a 6-week shelf life!


You will taste and see the difference. Our deep golden yolks speak to the healthy diet our hens enjoy as they spend their lives on pasture.