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Thawed Meat? Damaged Product??

First, we’re very sorry you’re in this situation! It happens sometimes but we'll do our very best to make lemonade out of lemons.

Here's what to do...

We’ll do everything we can to make it right! We’re very sorry for the situation but we will not leave you hung out to dry.

A picture says way more than 1000 words in this case. Photos are extremely valuable for us to internally investigate what went wrong and for potentially filing a claim with the shipping company.

DO NOT throw it away. Even if thawed or partially thawed, the meat may still be good. Anything under 40 degrees (you can temp it if you have a thermometer) would be no different than having it in your refrigerator. It may well have to be thrown out but doing it prematurely and finding out it was totally or partially salvageable (even for pets) feels icky. It’s not about the money, we hate being wasteful of anything, especially meat.

The sooner we know, the more we can do to help!

Damage & Thawing FAQs

We do our darndest to prepare your package for the rigors of cross-country travel and, 99.9% of the time, we’re proud to say we’re successful at doing so.

However, there’s the .1%...

Q: A couple of packages arrived with punctures in the plastic... Is it safe?

A: Yes, it is safe! And here's why... All damage occurs in transit (inside the sealed shipping box). When we pick your product, we inspect it. When we pack your product, we inspect it. This process ensures that everything in your box is in ideal condition when it leaves our door. Once it leaves our door, it can get mishandled. When jarring happens, the rock-solid frozen packages inside bang into one another and puncture the packaging, sometimes noticeably, sometimes not. When a package is poked, air can leak in (most often seen in steaks, roasts, & ribs). When this happens, the moisture that is in the package when the air leaks in is frozen by the dry ice in the box, creating ice crystals inside the package. Since this type of damage occurs after the box has been sealed, the first environment for that product to be exposed to is when you open the box. Though we certainly don’t intend for this to happen, the product is not immediately compromised. If left in the freezer for an extended period of time, the product will eventually pick up a “freezer burn” taste. If consumed soon, the meat will be fresh and delightful.

  • Place the product in a ziplock baggie, squeeze out the air, zip it closed, and plan to use it as per usual. :)
  • Thaw on a plate or bowl to catch any liquid that may leak. (We recommend this practice any time you're thawing meat as a precaution just in case the package leaks or sweats.)

Q: Say I receive thawed or damaged product and notified you guys... What can I expect?

A: To be treated with care, and respect, with a quick, satisfying resolution.  When a product is damaged from mishandling or thawed due to late delivery, based on your preference, we'll replace, refund, or credit it. Putting ourselves in your shoes, we cringe when we encounter these situations. They're never fun and no good for anyone. We intentionally pack every order with an extra day of insurance ice and extra padding to give each package the utmost opportunity to arrive in perfect condition, avoiding these situations as much as possible. We SO appreciate your help & feedback in these challenging situations as they allow us to find new solutions that create future successes. Also, it's an opportunity for us to put our best foot forward in challenging circumstances and show our level of care and commitment to serving you well.