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Ultimate Paleo Protein was developed to fill a need for a premium grass-fed protein powder that is hypoallergenic with incredible absorbability. We have added synergistic nutrients in meaningful amounts that assist in recovery and immune support that is suitable for individuals at any age. Our Signature Protein Blend combines a complete protein source from grass fed beef plus the added benefit of collagen peptides. This unique blend also contains high-end grade L- Glutamine. 1 billion CFU of a blend of well studied GanedenBC30 (probiotic) and water soluble MCT powder from coconuts. These nutrients are in meaningful amounts and formulated to achieve Optimal Absorption. Our Ultimate Paleo Protein powder comes in chocolate and vanilla and unflavored. Ultimate Paleo Protein also has developed one of a kind complete protein gummies. They are great protein snacks that are high in prebiotics and fiber. They are fantastic on the go snacks for young to old. We are proud to offer quality protein powders and gummies that are free from gluten, dairy, soy, corn, egg and GMO's and sugar. They are paleo and keto friendly. we never use hormones, artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners in any of our products.

Ultimate Paleo Protein