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Grass-fed Beef London Broil Steak

Grass-fed Beef London Broil Steak

2 lb. avg.|pkg

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Our Grass-Fed London Broil is available in convenient two-pound packages. Also known as a top-round steak, the London broil is a versatile cut that offers a world of culinary possibilities, from broiling and braising to stewing. When thinly sliced, it becomes the star of a flavorful steak sandwich.

Origin and Characteristics
: Sourced from the rump and back leg of the cow, the London broil comes from the second largest primal cut. It yields lean and relatively tough meat without much collagen. This characteristic makes it a cost-effective choice for budget-conscious cooks. Divided into the top round (rump) and bottom round cuts, it provides ample options for those seeking thrifty yet delicious cooking solutions.

Cooking Flexibility: London broil is a perfect canvas for various cooking methods. Whether you prefer to broil it to perfection or braise it slowly for tender results, the London broil adapts to your culinary preferences. Its versatility extends to stewing, making it a go-to choice for crafting a hearty and flavorful beef stew. When sliced thinly, it transforms into the ideal filling for a delectable steak sandwich.

Affordable and Flavorful
: London broil offers an affordable way to enjoy grass-fed beef without compromising on flavor. When cooked correctly, it becomes a budget-friendly option that delights your taste buds and your wallet.

The Taste of Grass-Fed
: Our grass-fed London broil offers the unique taste of beef raised on natural pasture, with a flavor profile that embodies the essence of wholesome and sustainable agriculture.