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Grass-fed Culotte Steak (Picanha Steak)

Grass-fed Culotte Steak (Picanha Steak)

9 oz. avg. | pkg

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Ferguson Farms Culotte Steak, also known as picanha steak, top sirloin cap, and sirloin cap steak, is a delectable cut that originates from the sirloin primal section of the cow. Positioned between the ribs and the round area, the sirloin is renowned for yielding premium steak cuts celebrated for their robust beefy flavor. The Culotte Steak, in particular, stands out as a flavorful and tender option.

This cut is characterized by its triangular shape and a generous marbling of fat, which enhances both its juiciness and flavor profile when cooked. The marbling contributes to the steak's succulence, ensuring a moist and enjoyable eating experience. Our Culotte Steak is known for its versatility, allowing for various cooking methods such as grilling, roasting, or pan-searing.

With its rich beefy taste and tender texture, the Culotte Steak from Ferguson Farms is a choice cut that promises a satisfying dining experience, making it a favorite among steak enthusiasts. Whether enjoyed on its own or as part of a culinary creation, this steak is sure to impress with its combination of quality, flavor, and tenderness.