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Beef Shank (Osso Buco)

Beef Shank (Osso Buco)

1.5 lb. avg. | pkg

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Our Grass-Fed Beef Shank is a culinary treasure, taken from the shanks and celebrated in the iconic Italian dish, Osso Buco, which literally translates to 'bone with a hole' in Italian. This cut is ideal for slow cooking, and it's famous for the Milanese dish that bears its name. With its rich marrow-filled bone and meltingly tender meat, our beef shank promises a truly satisfying dining experience.

Braising Brilliance
: To unlock the full potential of our Grass-Fed Beef Shank, we recommend a patient approach. Braising and simmering for approximately three to five hours in water or stock is the key to achieving that perfect, fall-off-the-bone texture. The wait is undoubtedly worth it when you're rewarded with a meal that's not only rich in flavor but also nutrition.

The Anatomy of Shank Cuts
: Sourced from the cow's front and back legs, shank cuts are naturally lean and known for their toughness and sinewy texture. While they may not be the most tender cuts, they shine when it comes to making collagen-rich broths, making them a valuable addition to your kitchen.

Taste Profile: It's all about the mouthfeel with beef shank. When long-braised, the bones and connective tissues work their magic, creating a collagen-rich broth that is utterly delicious. This unique taste and texture are what make Osso Buco a cherished classic, and shank cuts a culinary gem.

Cooking Expertise
: The only way to truly appreciate the potential of this thrifty cut is through braising or boiling over low heat for an extended period. Imagine indulging in Osso Buco served over saffron risotto, caldo de res, French onion soup, or using it to craft the perfect beef broth for pho.